Wishing for 48/7 instead of 24/7


Yep, I was right: my adventures are faaaar from over 😀 Although is it still an adventure if I conquer the same problem again and again, though in different ways?.. Oh well, I promised you the peaks “behind the scenes” for my creative – and business – venture, so: whatever you call it, I was again wrestling with getting my tiny little beads for another project onto the woolen yarn I’m going to be knitting in… Good thing it’s not the first time and I decided to test my earlier found “technique” with only 264 beads for starters and not all of the almost 1200 (and that is for only one wrister, I might add!). The earlier technique didn’t work. After an hour of glueing my fingers together while trying to glue the threads of different yarns (and succeeding in glueing only my fingers…) I finally got frustrated and went to bed… This morning I found another solution that finally got me through all of the tiny little beads – all 1200 of them – without much trouble (only with the reasonably expected amount of patient work) 🙂 One more skyscraper of a problem toppled… for the time being 🙂

Meanwhile, I finally got my long-awaited book from the library! Only when will I have time to read it, huh? In between all the bead-stringing and knitting, looking after my sweet kiddies and making dinners, and studying one of the more difficult languages at least in Europe?! Here’s what my evening looks like so far (not including the kids and the dinner: the kids run around too fast and scream too loud – might fracture the camera lens 😀 – to take any kind of picture of them, and the dinner is already gone)…

Add to this picture a husband and list of the most interesting things I really want to watch with him, an even longer (like more than ten times) list of blogs I haven’t gotten to read – and I want to! – because I was stringing the beads like an obsessed person, a list of friends I promised to visit or meet for coffee, lessons for 3 hours of every day… Ok, you get the picture 🙂 So it’s small wonder I can’t make those wonderful wristers more quickly, is it? But I’m working on it 😉

P.S. You can see the pattern I’m working on in the picture. Consider it a sneak-peak 🙂


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