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My first commission! I waited with big excitement how my friend – who became my first client – would react to what I have created from the rough idea she gave me and the specific beads she wanted used; she loved it! So now I can present it to you – Black-on-black wristers/bracelets.

What my friend wanted was the wristers that are more like bracelets (so they’re about 7 cm wide) and that they wouldn’t have a very strict order/pattern to them but instead would be kind of a bit chaotic. And the most specific request was that the square beads that you see in the photos are used. With all this in mind, I developed a pattern (I still needed one at least for the purpose of stringing the beads, if not anything else) and knit the wristers. You can see – and judge – the results by yourselves. I myself like them, though at first the idea of black beads on black yarn sounded a bit strange to me (somehow I didn’t think the beads would stand out enough to look good), but I’m so glad I went with the idea. One more new lesson and revelation! 🙂 What do you think?

Also, as I already started taking commissions, EVERYONE IS WELCOME 🙂 I’ve created a separate e-mail address specifically for the “business” purposes and added a new page to this blog with my contacts. Feel free to contact me about anything you saw in my earlier post that you’d like to have for yourself; or maybe you have a specific idea that you’d like to make into a knit-thing? Write to me and we will definitely work something out 🙂

For now I’ve set my beaded knits very-temporarily aside because there was this sweater idea that I carried in my head for more than a month that would just not leave me in peace. I have to knit that sweater! (and I need one, anyway 😀 ) So the next “dispatch” will probably be without beads but it’ll have more colour and be “bulkier” 😀




Yey!!! Finally! Finally, I can show you the very first pair of wristers with my original design!

Here they are 🙂

First, a few facts:

  • the wristers are 13 cm long;
  • knitted in DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk (70% wool, 30% silk);
  • a total of 2032 seed beads 11/0 used (1016 for each wrister);
  • a total of around 20 hours of knitting (3 hours of stringing beads, the rest – pure knitting).

Now, beyond the facts: those who read my earlier entries might remember how I thanked all the higher powers after knitting the pair of wristers with simple double-colored bows for my daughter. I thanked that I chanced to start my creative experimenting from the relatively simple design involving merely a few hundred beads, because that process taught me so much. Now you maybe understand better why I was so grateful. My projects rarely lack in ambition and had I started from this project… well, I wouldn’t deny the possibility that I wouldn’t be here anymore at this particular moment 🙂 I am patient but not that patient. Even this time I re-knitted one of the wristers (there was a blog entry about that as well – when I didn’t particularly like the way the design turned out) which meant that first I strung almost 1200 beads and knitted the whole wrister and then I had to take everything out and restring all the beads anew. But it was worth redoing because now I’m much more satisfied with the result.

The yarn that I used is actually kind of an experiment because traditionally wristers are made from pure wool – they say it’s stretchier and doesn’t change form so much after taking the wristers on and off many times. But the yarn with silk seemed much smoother and had a very subtle shine to it that I particularly liked. So, as wristers will be worn by me, I’ll see for myself how all the business with stretchiness goes.

Otherwise, a lot of work requiring a really concentrated attention, but that’s what I signed up for, isn’t it? I’m just a bit sorry that I couldn’t take photos of me actually wearing the wristers. But sun – or even a bright enough day that I could take the pictures at home and not go freeze my hand off in the -20 degrees cold outside – are very hard to come by at this time of year here in Finland, so only the “still-lifes” for now.

And now – for another “first”: I have my first commission! A very good friend asked for a pair of wristers for herself indicating the colors she wants, giving me a selection of beads she’d like to be used, and a general idea of what “mood” the wristers should be in. I came up with the design and we’ll see how that will turn out. Wish me luck!



Is it really more than a week since my last post?! Wow… I thought it was long but not that long. Life flies when you’re busy, doesn’t it?

What have I been busy with? you might ask. RESEARCH! Research, reasearch, research – and reading, and studying (beside knitting, of course). I was actually doing quite a lot of that “behind-the-scenes” work that should make life easier when I actually get down to establishing my own business (I hope!) but doesn’t yield any apparent results to show you now, as in:

  • reading books about starting a craft business (“Craft, Inc.” by Meg Mateo Ilasco, “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin, “Beyond Amazon, eBay and Etsy” by Hillary DePiano and some others). Each of them gave me some great ideas for how to set things up and running;
  • researching the possibilities of selling online (like Etsy vs. ArtFire, for example) and setting up an e-store (e.g. Vendio vs. eCrater);
  • researching local regulations on starting a business;
  • studying the instruction to my camera 😀 (in quest of making better pictures);
  • planning future projects (when I don’t have the pleasure of sitting quietly and knitting).

There was also a “take-two” on the mouse-y slippers last weekend. It seems that after almost five years of raising children I still forget that you can’t make some cute thing and give it to one of them without making the same thing for another. So now two pairs of little mice run around our home (the second one, I might add, turned out better – with both right and left feet 😀 ), one of them adorned with little pink bows.

You see, it really isn’t so exciting as presenting the wide world with my beautiful knits, there’s nothing very interesting about all the reading and research (unless you yourself are starting the same kind of business, but in that case you would probably know all these things already) – except that I’ve promised to give the “behind-the-scenes” details from the very start of this blog – and therefore there’s not much I can do to make this account of my recent activities into a very catching reading material. Nonetheless, it is an inescapable part of my work/life as an aspiring entrepreneur, therefore the account is here 🙂 With hopes of not loosing too much of your attention and promises to show something real nice the next time I’m here 😀