Weekend “project”


You know what? I’m not going to start this post with the question about your weekend! I actually started writing it and then got a thought that it might be that almost each of my post starts with a similar question. I even checked and… there it was, always the same question! So, though I would love to know how you are doing and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts and experiences in the Comments (as always!), this time – no questions.

This weekend I decided that it’s finally time to put some flowers into out beautifully spacious but otherwise quite shabby balcony. We moved into this apartment only last August, and there really was no point in planting any flowers in the balcony, as the “winter season” here in Finland usually starts around the middle of August 😀 Well, ok, it doesn’t really start that early, only the school year starts and all the public transport changes into “winter timetables” and generally everyone gets out of the holiday mode and into the working one. But it’s really not worth getting busy with flowers so late in the summer because even in the beginning of September the temperatures outside (especially at night) might get quite low and the poor flowers would wilt anyhow. So though I was delighted at the prospect of having a huge balcony (it’s almost 10 square meters – or around 100 square feet for those, who live in another metric system – I’ve just measures it for the sake of this post!) and being able to spend time in it having breakfast, sunbathing or having a drink with my husband on a sunny evening (don’t laugh, the evenings are sunny here at summertime: on Midsummer Day sun in Helsinki sets just before 11 p.m.), but I left all these things for the “next year” and the balcony became a place to store all the things that don’t really belong at home but have to be here (like kids’ trycicles and scooters, outdoor toys and such).

So, to come back to this weekend after the long preface – I decided that it’s finally time to put some flowers into our balcony and start preparing it for all the nice things we will be doing there when the weather gets really warm (I know, I know, I said it’s already nearly summer here… but summer at this point means temperatures of some +20 C – and much less in the evenings). After a few trips to the stores – to buy flower boxes and the hooks to hang them, to buy soil (this was my husband’s job – I’m not a heavy-weight lifter myself 🙂 ) and to buy flowers (I made this one together with the kids – couldn’t have taken such a pleasure away from them, could I?) – and a lot of mess on Saturday evening while planting everything (the kids were included into this process as well… I guess I’d better not start describing that, because those who have kids will know very well what it looks like when you let a 5- and 2-year old “help” plant flowers; and those who don’t have kids won’t imagine it anyway 😀 ), here’s the result:

I fell in love with the pastel colored little buckets the moment I saw them! Aren’t they cute?! But the flower boxes were a dreary dark grey color – and in my mind this color is definitely not “summary”! – so I additionally bought some bright light blue adhesive tape and decorated the boxes with kind of “blue skies” backdrop against a “gray grass” (and – in the case of the hanging flower-pot – its “glue grass against the gray skies” 🙂 ). It took just maybe an hour to do this but I think now the flower boxes look much nicer. What do you think?

So, this is the start of my “balcony makeover”. It still needs a lot of other things like a few colorful rugs and some set of furniture. And, of course, I have a million sewing projects (like colorful floor cushions) in my head. But… one step at a time.

Have a nice start of the week all of you!


Lots of space here for your thoughts. Welcome!

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