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I suppose there are very few people who haven’t heard about the power of positive thought until now. Maybe there are more, who don’t really believe in it, but that’s their problem. I do believe. And one of the things I was planning to do as one of the first steps in making my dreams reality was creating an inspiration board for myself. There I would put all the things that are beautiful, cute, attractive, thought-provoking, imagination-stimulating, and butt-kicking; and all my plans, designs, ideas and dreams as well.

Of course, I always notice all the beautiful things in magazines, blogs and books I read, streets I walk though (and drive by), so why don’t I have the inspiration board already? First, because I wasn’t serious about my dreams until now, second… oh, don’t laugh, but I didn’t know where to put that board at home 😀 I’m not sure even now, so I guess I’ll have to experiment and see where it fits best, but I just couldn’t pass by this wonderful poster I stumbled upon in Family Style blog and followed to a seedtosprout Etsy shop.

This is the first item that will go onto my inspiration board, the very center of it 🙂

P.S. The first pair of wristers is coming soon as promised! I encountered a few “production problems” on my way but the full account will be presented to you together with the photos of the final result. Stay tuned!